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We mention the estimated delivery time for each piece in the product details page.

  • For all orders within India, we offer free shipping. For International Orders, we charge a small amount for Shipping.
  • Delivery Time for your order starts from the date of Order Confirmation.
  • We use the most reliable courier services for deliveries including FedEx, UPS, Blue Dart and EMS.
  • We would send you a tracking number and link to our courier company with your shipping confirmation email so you can track your order.
  • At times, orders can get delayed for reasons outside of our control. If your order is delayed beyond 2 weeks of the estimated Delivery Time for some unforeseen reasons, we will get in touch with you to check if you would still like to continue with your order. For further details on Shipping, please see our Terms of Use.

The Online Jewellery Store offers you the best in quality of carefully curated jewellery that is meant to last a lifetime. It is for the sake of this commitment that we have compiled a basic list of things you can do and conditions you can avoid; so you can maintain the lustre and sheen of your jewellery for an eternity.

There can be many factors that may influence the condition of your jewellery. Following the basic measures compiled here can help your timeless pieces of treasures get the care they deserve.

Wearing your jewellery:

  • Wear your jewellery when you are done dressing up and applying your make up. Never apply lotion/s, cosmetic products, hair spray etc. while you wear your jewellery, as they may damage and cause discolourations on your jewellery
  • When you are done for the day, remove your jewellery and wipe each piece with a clean, soft cloth to remove any traces of oil/s or perspiration
  • Never wear jewellery while doing physical work such as housekeeping, gardening, cooking or during workouts
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery in swimming pools and spas as the jewellery may adversely react with chlorinated water
  • Never wear jewellery while participating in any sporting activities; especially contact sports, as hard blows may cause injury to your person and damage the jewellery
  • If you are right-handed; consider wearing your bracelet/s and or ring/s on the left hand and vice versa for a left-handed person in order to reduce contact leading to wear and tear due to natural tendencies

Cleaning your jewellery:

  • Keep your jewellery in mint condition by cleaning them regularly with non-abrasive commercial cleaners meant specifically for jewellery. As an alternative, you could use warm water to clean your jewellery; should the reaction with water cause any discolouration it can be easily remedied by a professional
  • Make sure to use jewellery polishing cloth to wipe your jewellery; for best results. You could use svelte alternatively. However, it is advisable to refrain from using tissues and other rough materials to wipe the surface of your jewellery as they may leave scratches on it.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning agents, bleaches or ultrasonic cleaners as they can severely damage your jewellery
  • Never clean damaged, cracked or broken jewellery as the handling may further the damage

The right way to store jewellery:

  • Maintain an inventory of all your jewellery and regularly check on them
  • Invest in fabric-lined jewellery boxes and store your jewellery individually to avoid damage from rubbing/ friction or getting stuck in a tangle
  • Prevent your jewellery from tarnishing by placing anti-tarnish strips with them in the box. This can be especially helpful in maintaining silver jewellery.

Repairing you jewellery:

  • If your jewellery is specifically protected by a guarantee; it is best to contact the seller to securely fix the problem
  • Always cross-check the prices and ensure that it comes from a trusted source
  • Look for reviews and referrals of the person/business that promises to fix your problem for you. The issues with each piece along with descriptions must be documented in detail and a copy of it must be available with you, in person
  • File your bills and receipts for the repair
  • Inspect your jewellery when you collect it and ensure the right item is being returned to you after repairing it exactly as described to you by the professional

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